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About Ahimsa


[Sanskrit, from a- 1  + himsā  injury] 

 -n (in Hindu, Buddhist, and Jainist philosophy) the law of reverence for, and nonviolence to every form of life



Ahimsa was born on 11th November, and she is a high vibrational Indigo Soul.

She is a gifted Energy Healer, Angel and Reams Intuitive, who is here on Earth to help anchor the vibration of Peace and Unconditional Love. 

Ahimsa is able to communicate with the Angelic realm. Her channeled guided meditations assist others in connecting with the higher realms, to clear blocks and heal past wounds. Ahimsa offers readings, meditations and workshops to help others.



Ahimsa is Vegan and works actively in the community to help in danger animals. Ahimsa is committed to raise money and awareness for Animal Charities such as Ocaena, Moon Bears, Many Tears Rescue. If you'd like to help with these causes you can buy her illustrated cards here. Each of them is assigned to a different charity.