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The peaceful, soothing and loving voice of Giulia, coupled with her respectful, quiet manner, made me want to look at my oracle card reading time and again. The atmosphere radiating from the reading is healing in and of itself. Giulia clearly explained her approach to the reading and which card decks she would use. To my surprise the cards that came out stood brilliantly for the choices I am confronted with at the moment. It made me smile and feel happy. Her suggestions about next steps made perfect sense. I felt really touched by her loving focus, her choice of words and the intuitive, supportive way in which she communicated with me during the reading. I feel like I just had an encounter with an angel…

~ Joke B, The Netherlands

I can't begin to adequately express the gratitude I feel for you and the reading you sent me.  I was in awe as I listened to the melody of your voice, felt the love of your heart, and sensed the beauty of your Spirit.  I couldn't believe that you really wanted to reach out and help me like you did!  You are miraculously gifted, a true healer, an earth angel. Initially, I'd listened to your reading over and over, because it gave me so much comfort and some hope, during a period when I had none.  Your willingness to continue and share even more, the part about doing some research was spot on.  I will be learning about loan modifications very shortly.  I still don't know how this situation is unfolding, but I'm not afraid anymore.  I have peace and inspiration, once again, and will keep your sacred oracle reading forever. Thank you dearly, Ahimsa.

~ Dianna, United States 

Dear Ahimsa,  thank you so much for your help with this reading. . And I will like to share this comment with you. This morning I start to look on the Internet for a new place to live and guess what I found ?!.....   I found a place that looks exactly as the card on your reading !! Yes, the one with the whale;  the place has a view exactly as the card , it shows the Sun instead of the moon,  I am shocked by this. Thank you for your guidance Ahimsa !!! Thank you so much!”

~ Ann, United States

I felt the healing process across my body very strongly and as I drifted asleep I imagined that I was in a presence of an Angel. Ahimsa truly helped me to feel better and the pain I had almost completely dissipate away during the night.

~ Susanne, United Kingdom